• MTB routes

MTB routes

more of a "cross-countryer" or a "downhiller"? Mountain biking in the Ubaye meets all your adrenaline needs!

Between the Mercantour and Piedmont

11,5 km loop

At the entrances of the Mercantour National Park and Italy, between villages and forests, this easy loop begins with a steady climb of 5 km.

In this suddenly wide open alpine area, we breathe. Pause for a picnic or a walk on foot, you choose.

Ubaye balcony

10 km roundtrip

This classic takes place on a forest balcony track at 1700 m above the valley. Its main interest?

The track is stable and not difficult and has spectacular views of the Pain de Sucre (Sugar Loaf Mountain), and the first and second Brecs (mountain peaks) and the Barcelonnette Valley.

The alpine Maginot line

6,5 km roundtrip

This eagle’s nest to conquer is a single military structure, perched on a hill overlooking the road to the Larche Pass and the village of Meyronnes.

The Maginot-Roche-la-Croix assault accepts willingly its assailants, provided the first turns of the concreted path, which are rather steep, do not discourage the attackers too quickly!

Increase in power

13,5 km loop

The path winds through pastures above the village, and then sinks slowly into one of the richest forests in the Ubaye.

The wide forest track guides you to the entrance of the fort and its portcullis.

A heritage panel gives you information about this “military Versailles” that was Fort Tournoux.

Playing with the terrain

18 km loop

The view is breathtaking over Bouzoulières, Faucon and Le Sauze.

This classic loop ends with a descent to Le Bourget, on a “single track” in the forest that looks pretty easy on a technical level.

The big classic

33 km loop

An itinerary that Ubayens love, snowshoeing, skiing, walking and riding it of course...

Despite its length, the route is technically easy.

It starts at Jausiers and crosses the famous mountain pass road of Restefond/ la Bonette (the highest in Europe) several times before entering a forest track.

Adventure at the bottom of the tunnel

11 km roundtrip

Short and easy, especially interesting, the route is mainly a fun track, with particularly soft terrain.

Towards Lake Serre-Ponçon by taking a series of tunnels of the old railway route that was never completed.

One bell tower can hide another

30 km roundtrip

The itinerary includes two different parts defined by their style.

The first, to Thuiles takes place on the right bank, mainly in the undergrowth, in a fun trail.

The second track joins Meolans Revel by a hilly forest trail on the left bank and gives a passage of beautiful views of the Ubaye.