Plongez dans l'histoire de Barcelonnette lors des Fêtes Latino-Mexicaines © Ubaye Tourisme
Plongez dans l'histoire de Barcelonnette lors des Fêtes Latino-Mexicaines © Ubaye Tourisme

Our essentials for a culture-filled stay

Let us surprise you with our must-visits and must-do!

Tracing the unique history of Barcelonnette

Go on a walk and discover the town and its heritage, inextricably  linked to emigrations to Mexico.

The villas and tombs of the "Mexicans" are packed full of architectural details.

The highlight of your cultural trip is a visit to the Valley Museum, located in one of the villas. The history of the migrations made by Ubaye residents, both close-by and further afield, will all become clear to you!

Barcelonnette and Mexico

Dive into the military past of our valley

At the crossroads between Piedmont, Savoy and Provence, the Ubaye valley was kept under heavy surveillance for centuries, while from Vauban to Maginot, mankind has created a colossal military heritage that remains present to this day.

Bearing witness to history, conquests and wars, these fortifications demonstrate how the art of construction and military warfare have evolved.

With the feeling of being in a "submarine under the mountain", lean about daily life in these forts.

The forts

Unlocking the secrets of our forests

Discover the Maison du Bois (House of Wood). Wood has always been an essential material for mountain life. The village of Méolans-Revel is a forestry area: 318 inhabitants, 13,000 hectares of land, 60% of which is covered by forest. In 1950, the village boasted no fewer than eleven water-powered sawmills where local trees were sawn into lumber! The exhibition room, as you go in, is an opportunity to discover more about the world's forests. Here you'll learn about the history and multiple uses of wood (textiles, decoration, paper, construction etc.) You'll end your visit in a workshop run by a joiner-carpenter who will create a wooden object, before your very eyes, and teach you about wood turning and carving techniques

The Maison du bois

Taste the local flavours

The Ubaye Serre-Ponçon Valley is a land of multiple scents and flavours, teaming with riches - some of which you'll find on your plate! Enjoy a gourmet adventure and discover our local producers.

As true fans, they are keen to help you discover their specialities.

Local producers

Experience a "Mexican" style stay

Every year in August, Barcelonnette offers you a colourful festival: the Latin-Mexican Festivals.

This unmissable summer event is an opportunity for the town to celebrate its links with Mexico, where more than 2,000 Ubayans emigrated to make their fortune 200 years ago.

For 10 days, the city is decked out in the colours of Mexico. Enjoy the show and have an unforgettable stay!

Gourmet food discoveries, traditional creative workshops, salsa dancing and, of course, the inevitable mariachis... The different aspects of Latin and Mexican cultures are all honoured as part of this festival.

The Latino Mexican Festivals

Discover exceptional natural surroundings

The exceptional characteristics of the Mercantour National Park are due to its biodiversity and geology.

So that you can discover these rich hidden gems, there are numerous activities and guided visits organised throughout the summer.

Mercantour National Park

Explore the Ubaye valley and its surroundings

To discover the hidden secrets of the Ubaye Serre-Ponçon Valley, to travel through Mercantour National Park and to enjoy the unique atmosphere inherent in every village, our road tours will take you on a journey of discovery situated between heritage and nature.

Enjoy a cultural adventure in your car and discover amazing places of interest, all framed by unforgettable encounters.

Road routes

Immerse yourself in Ubayan culture and traditions

Take a journey through the history of our valley.

In the museums, you will see how life in the mountains and the life of its inhabitants is illustrated through a wide variety of themes: fauna, flora, history and previous ways of life, minerals, water, wood, and more.