Pêche dans un lac en Ubaye © UT - Claude Gouron
Pêche dans un lac en Ubaye © UT - Claude Gouron


Streams, lakes and rivers etc. The Ubaye region offers a variety of fishing experiences, ensuring a memorable outing for all fishing enthusiasts, whether novices or expert.

Where to fish

River fishing

Our valley has nearly 220 km of rivers, of which the Ubaye is the most famous. Ubayette, Parpaillon, Bachelard... its tributaries are also well worth a visit.

You can carry out all types of fishing techniques on these rivers, whether you are fishing with a jigger, a toc or a fly.

Brook trout, brown trout and rainbow trout can all be found in these rivers.

In Lake Serre-Ponçon

The Serre-Ponçon lake is one of the largest reservoirs in Europe. Fed by the Durance and Ubaye rivers, it covers an area of 2,800 ha and reaches a depth of 90 m.

The Serre-Ponçon lake is home to many emblematic species: pike, trout, Arctic char. You can quite frequently come across unusual specimens!

In the mountain lakes

Ideal for mixing fishing, hiking and... bivouac!

Located at an altitude of over 1800 m, these regularly stocked 1st category waters represent small havens of peace in the middle of nature.

Among the high altitude lakes of the Ubaye, are Lauzanier lake, the Lac Noir, the Marinet lake and the Lac des Neuf Couleurs (the highest lake in the Alpes de Haute-Provence, at 2,840m of altitude).

You will find lots of species there, including common trout, Arctic char, cristivomers and small minnows. It's ideal for family fishing with children!

Interactive fisheries map

Fishing is a regulated sport

Always carry your fishing card!


Pêche dans la rivière Ubaye

Buying your fishing card and equipment


Tabac presse Totem
33 rue Manuel - +33 4 92 81 21 08
Selling fishing cards, baits and equipment

Office de Tourisme
Place Frédéric Mistral - +33 4 92 81 04 71
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King Jouet
19 rue Manuel - Tél. +33 4 92 81 17 88
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Tabac Souvenirs de l'Ubaye
13 Grand rue - +33 4 92 31 11 40
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Val d'Oronaye

Auberge du Lauzanier
Larche - +33 4 92 84 35 93
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Le Lauzet-Ubaye

Agence Postale Communale
Le village - +33 4 92 61 41 29
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Le village -  +33 7 83 19 79 75
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Free fishing

Pêche gratuite au lac du Lauzet-Ubaye
Lake Lauzet-Ubaye

Ideal for learning the joys of fishing.

More info

Pêche gratuite au lac de Costebelle - Pra Loup
Lake Costebelle

Free fishing in a high altitude lake.

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