Randonnée dans le massif du Chambeyron © AD04 - Teddy Verneuil
Randonnée dans le massif du Chambeyron © AD04 - Teddy Verneuil

Day hikes and walks

With 1000 km of marked trails, the Ubaye Serre-Ponçon Valley is the perfect choice for non-stop hiking.

Discover rich, preserved natural surroundings

From Lake Serre-Ponçon to the Italian border, the Ubaye reveals a 1001 different faces.

From a simple walk to a full-on mountain trek, there are many different routes to choose from.

Our maps of hikes and walks to download

For enjoying the itinerary that suits you

Randonnée en famille sur les sentiers de la Vallée de l'Ubaye
Walks and hikes in Ubaye

20 routes to discover with your family in the Ubaye Serre-Ponçon Valley.

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Randonnée et lac d'altitude dans la Vallée de l'Ubaye
Our hiking ideas in Ubaye

12 must-do hikes in the Ubaye Serre-Ponçon Valley.

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A foretaste of your hikes

Randonnée au lac des 9 Couleurs - Haute Ubaye © Ubaye Tourisme Lake 9 couleurs
Randonnée en famille au lac du Lauzanier - Mercantour © Ubaye Tourisme Lake Lauzanier
Les Eaux Tortes randonnée dans le vallon du Laverq © Ubaye Tourisme Eaux Tortes
Randonnée au Plan de Parouart - Maljasset © Ubaye Tourisme Plan Parouart

Good to know !

Règlementation du Parc national du Mercantour

While you are hiking, you will traverse sensitive natural areas located in the heart of the Mercantour National Park. Please always ensure you follow the regulations, and play an active role in preserving these remarkable spaces.

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Get acquainted with the peaks thanks to the ski lifts

The Pra Loup and Le Sauze resorts offer easy access to the summits, with chairlifts open throughout the summer.

Taking a ski lift is easy access to :

  • marked trails at altitude
  • mountain restaurants
  • viewpoints and panoramas over the Ubaye Valley

Pra Loup pedestrian pass

La Clappe telemix

Opening: July 6 to August 31, 2024

1 ascent  
Adult 8,50 €
Junior / Student / Senior 7,50 €
10 ascents  
Adult 68 €
Junior / Student / Senior 60 €
Summer season  
Single price 120 €
Family Pack 1 ascent  
4 people 30 €
Addtional person 7,50 €

Good to know

Hands-free support mandatory (€3) sold at the first purchase, reloadable for subsequent purchases.

Adult: 18-64 years old, Junior: 5-17 years old, Senior: 65-74 years old, Student: 18-25 years old -  Veteran 75 years old and over, Baby - 5 years old: free.

Proof of age will be required for the edition of any discounted pass (student card, proof of age)

Family Pack: Everyone benefits from the junior rate ! Simultaneous purchase of 4 minimum passes of the same duration. Composition : 1 adult/senior minimum + 3 juniors/students and more; 2 adults/seniors maximum + 2 juniors/students and more.

Dogs are allowed on the ski lifts.

Le Sauze pedestrian pass

Sauze & Brec chairlifts

Opening: July 8 to August 27, 2023

1 ascent  
Adult 8 €
Junior 7 €
1 ascent Le Sauze chairlift + Le Brec chairlift  
Adult 10 €
Junior 8,50 €
10 ascents  
Adult 48 €
Junior 38 €
Family Pack 1 ascent  
2 adults + 2 juniors 25,40 €
Additional person 6,35 €
Family Pack 1 ascent Le Sauze chairlift + Le Brec chairlift  
2 adults + 2 juniors 34 €
Additional person 8,50 €

Good to know

Adult: 18-64 years, Junior: 5-17 years, Senior: 64-74 years, Student: 18-25 years (Presentation of valid, post-bac student ID each time you go through the ticket checkpoint); free pass : for all children under 5 and senior citizens over 75 years (proof of age needed)

Family Pack : 2 adults + 2 juniors under 18 years old. Maximum 3 additional people.

Randonnée avec un accompagnateur en montagne
Go hiking with a guide

With the help of our guides, you'll discover stunning panoramic views; they'll also teach you about the region's flora and fauna, revealing a whole new side to the Ubaye mountains.

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