Tour de France © A.S.O.
Tour de France © A.S.O.

Tour de France 2024: 2 spectacular stages in Ubaye

The 111th Tour de France puts the Ubaye Valley in the spotlight with a stage finish in Barcelonnette on 18 July!
The Vars and Bonette passes will also play a key role on 19 July.
Full details of the stages on this page.

Which stages of the Tour de France 2024 will pass through the Ubaye Valley?

The Ubaye Valley will be in the spotlight during the 111th edition of the Grande Boucle. The riders of the legendary cycling competition will be putting their endurance to the test on the roads of the Barcelonnette Valley over 2 days, on 18 and 19 July 2024.

Starting in Gap, the capital of the Hautes-Alpes, the 18th stage promises a grand finale with a finish in Barcelonnette town centre, Place Aimé Gassier.

The following day, for the 19th stage between Embrun and Isola 2000, the Vars and Bonette passes await the peloton.

An arduous route, punctuated by numerous pass climbs, is on the programme for these 2 mountain stages.

With spectacular victories, suspenseful moments and twists and turns, the spectacle is guaranteed for stages 18 and 19 of the Tour de France 2024!

The Tour de France in the Barcelonnette Valley in 2024: detailed routes and profiles

Stage 18: Gap → Barcelonnette

Thursday 18th July

179 km - Accident

Christian Prudhomme's comments

"The altimeter is down for the moment, but the sprinters will still have to outdo themselves to try and catch the last bouquet within their grasp. Because once the peloton has admired Lake Serre-Ponçon, the day's attackers will have a few hills to exploit to maintain their advantage. Perhaps on the côte de Saint-Apollinaire, but especially on the côte des Demoiselles Coiffées, a strong puncheur might have an opportunity to break away."

Thursday 18 July : Stage 18

Timeschedule Caravan Riders
Gap - fictional departure 11:00 13:00
Gap - real departure 11:20 13:20
Lauzet-Ubaye 15:21 16:59
La Fresquière 15:35 17:11
Les Thuiles 15:42 17:18
Pied de la Maure 15:52 17:26
Barcelonnette 15:56 17:30

Stage 19: Embrun → Isola 2000

Friday 19th July

145 km - Mountain

Christian Prudhomme's comments

"The menu for this ultra-mountain stage will make you dizzy, but it will also whet the appetite of the very best climbers. Over a distance of less than 150km, they will climb above 2,000 metres on three occasions, and above all they will be climbing to the summit of La Bonette, the highest road in France at an altitude of 2,802 metres. The 360-degree panorama is breathtaking."

Col de vars

Km 42,6 - 2109m

18,8 kilometre-long climb at 5,7%

Category H

Col de la Bonette

Km 87,5 - 2802m

22,9 kilometre-long climb at 6,8%

Category H

Isola 2000

Km 144,6 - 2024m

16,1 kilometre-long climb at 7,1%

Category 1

Friday 19 July : Stage 19

Timeschedule Caravan Riders
Embrun - fictional departure 10:20 12:20
Embrun- real departure 10:30 12:30
Col de Vars 11:50 13:44
Saint-Paul 12:04 13:52
Les Gleizolles 12:16 13:59
La Condamine 12:19 14:01
Jausiers 12:27 14:06
Col de la bonette 13:12 15:03

The Col de la Bonette: a cycling myth

The highest asphalted road in France. In the Mercantour National Park, the Col de Bonette links the Alpes de Haute-Provence and the Alpes Maritimes.

A veritable cycling mecca in France, it's a pass that every self-respecting climber should have on his or her list of achievements.

The Col de la Bonette has already marked the history of the Tour four times. With a passage over the summit of La Bonette, it is also a record in terms of altitude for the peloton this year.

  • Distance: 23 km
  • Difference in altitude: + 1589 m
  • Highest point: 2802 m
  • Average gradient: 6.6
  • Maximum gradient: 9%
  • Category : Hors Catégorie

Times when the Tour de France passes through the Ubaye Valley

What time does the publicity caravan pass through Barcelonnette? What are the times when the Tour de France riders pass through?

All the information will soon be available here

A few rules

Here's our advice on how to make the most of the 2 stages of the Tour in the Ubaye Valley.

Before the caravan and the race pass by

Find out about the times when the caravan and the race will pass by, road closures and recommended itineraries.

While waiting for the riders to pass, do not take up position at the exit of a bend where visibility is poor.

Organisers' vehicles will be driving along the route before or after the publicity caravan passes. Keep an eye out for these lone vehicles, often travelling at high speed.

Don't leave your children unsupervised.

Take something to drink, eat and protect yourself from the sun, and be prepared for changes in the weather (jumper, umbrella).

During the passage of the caravan and the riders

Stay behind the safety barriers.

Respect the instructions given by the police, gendarmerie and road managers.

Keep an eye on your children and hold their hands.

Be careful when collecting gifts handed out by the publicity caravan.

Keep as far away from the road as possible: unstabilised verges or kerbs may be used by the riders. In all cases, stay off the road.

Don't change your position at the last minute.

Do not run, especially next to runners.

Do not spray runners.

Do not wave banners over the runners.

Keep your pets on a lead and away from the roadside.

Take your photos away from the road.


These safety rules may change as the stages approach. Remember to stay informed.

Prepare for the Tour de France in Ubaye

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