Barcelonnette sous la neige
Barcelonnette sous la neige

Barcelonnette, capital of the Ubaye Valley

Barcelonnette is a unique and charming corner of the Southern Alps, and is nestled in the heart of the Ubaye Serre-Ponçon Valley, located right at the gateway to the Mercantour National Park. It is a land of escapes with remarkable landscapes, and a place steeped in history, whose unique historical heritage is visible on every street corner.

Welcome to Barcelonnette!

From Barcelonnette, reach Pra Loup and Le Sauze in less than 15 minutes, Sainte-Anne and the Haute-Ubaye in about 30 minutes.

The most Mexican of French towns

It introduces that taste of being abroad that you are sure to enjoy when discovering Barcelonnette. Allow yourself be surprised by its atypical villas, its lively squares full of charm and its historic centre full of warm, welcoming colours.

You are sure to love its pedestrianised centre, which is full of good restaurants, its varied shops and, of course, the surprising "Mexican" villas, a legacy of an era that has left an indelible mark on the town. Barcelonnette welcomes you and encourages you to stroll around and discover its past.

The history of Barcelonnette is closely linked to the Americas: in the 19th century, several thousand residents left for the adventures of Mexico. The town has preserved its impressive architectural heritage dating from that period and this is clearly evidenced in the numerous villas. These beautiful bourgeois residences were commissioned by the emigrants who returned to their homeland once their fortune was made, and they are testament to the deep-running links that Barcelonnette continues to have with Mexico.

A backdrop formed by the mountains of the Ubaye Serre-Ponçon Valley

Barcelonnette is set against the amazing backdrop of the Ubaye Serre-Ponçon Valley. Just look up and marvel at the evocatively named peaks that tower over the town: Le Chapeau de Gendarme and Le Pain de Sucre. To the east is Haute-Ubaye. This is alpine countryside that also forms the highest point of the valley, with a dizzying multitude of peaks that exceed 3000 metres in height. To the west, where Provençal influences really come to the fore, is Lac de Serre-Ponçon and its turquoise waters... a real seaside spot in the mountains.

With 280 km of ski slopes, nearly 120 km of marked snowshoeing trails, 58 km of cross-country skiing trails, a multitude of ski touring routes and several dog sledding routes, Barcelonnette and its surroundings are an incomparable playground for winter sports enthusiasts.