Paysage d'hiver en Ubaye © Ubaye Tourisme
Paysage d'hiver en Ubaye © Ubaye Tourisme

An exceptional nature

The Ubaye Valley is committed to biodiversity by protecting and promoting its natural heritage.

Mercantour National Park

What is a National Park?

It is a natural area where the landscapes, biodiversity, geology and cultural wealth are recognised as being exceptional.

This remarkable feature means it should be protected and managed in order to guarantee its sustainability for today and for future generations.

An exceptional area of territory, the Mercantour is one of France's 11 national parks. This special site has been protected since 1979.

An exceptional biodiversity

The Mercantour National Park extends over 1,801 km. Nearly 9,000 animal species can be found there.

The emblematic mountain fauna includes, among others, the Alpine ibex, the bearded vulture, the golden eagle, the grey wolf, the black grouse...

This biodiversity is due to the work of the Park in the core zone. The protection of the species extends to the entire territory of the Ubaye Serre-Ponçon Valley: the protection makes sense because it facilitates the observation of emblematic mountain fauna throughout the valley.

Portrait de loup en hiver - Mercantour
Tétra-lyre de dos en hiver - Mercantour
Bouquetin endormi dans la neige - Mercantour
Lagopède alpin en plumage d'hiver - Mercantour


Walking with snowshoes in the Mercantour is a special experience. The Park is best discovered by taking your time, as time goes by.

Here you can disconnect to reconnect with a wild and preserved nature.

Between forests, lakes and exceptional viewpoints, discover an incredibly rich fauna: ibex, chamois, black grouse...

With a guide, you can easily set off for walks adapted to all levels.

Our favorite

The Lauzanier Valley

Unique in France!  Discover an exceptional natural area in the only groomed cross-country skiing site in the heart of the Mercantour National Park.

Natura 2000

What is it ?

The Natura 2000 network brings together natural sites of great heritage value, with their exceptional flora and fauna.

Each of these sites must be managed to ensure the long-term survival of its species and habitats.

As the world's largest biodiversity conservation network, its protection policy is considered one of the most ambitious at international level.

The aim of Natura 2000 is to reconcile human activities, biodiversity protection and territorial enhancement in a sustainable development perspective.
Its main objectives are

Restore and preserve natural environments that guarantee significant biodiversity.

To improve scientific knowledge of the fauna and flora in order to better protect them.

To raise awareness among local players and the general public about respect for the environment.

Listed sites

Thanks to its particular geographical situation, the Ubaye Serre-Ponçon Valley is home to a wide range of exceptional habitats, plants and animals, justifying the designation of 4 Natura 2000 sites.

Among the species of interest on these sites are the wolf, numerous species of bats, butterflies and plants.