• The Ubaye river
La rivière Ubaye

The Ubaye river

Gentle, natural, wild and refreshing...

From the start of spring, the sun heats the air. The mountain wakes up, returns to form and life bubbles again, everywhere. The Ubaye river valley becomes again what it is : a perfect balance between crystal and unconquerable waters, galloping under the pristine skies, deep blue that we seem to all find familiar.

Between the green forests of the lower Ubaye valley, orders for new guides resonate. We hear them direct their crews in the currents, an irrefutable sign of the arrival of spring.

Its largest tributary is the Ubayette which takes its source in Lauzanier lake. This lake is situated in the Mercantour National Park near Larche village and the italian border.

The Ubaye river, the wild and mythical emblem of the French Alps, has given its name to the Valley. From its source at the Col du Longet, at 2655 meters above sea level, close to Mont Viso and the Italian border, it runs almost 80 km before emptying into lake Serre-Ponçon whose waters flow into the Durance.

Preserved and mysterious, often considered one of the most beautiful in Europe, it offers a stretch of teh, class II, the easiest, to class VI, regarded as "insurmountable" descents over 50 kilometers between the Riou Sec, in the municipality of Saint-Paul sur Ubaye to Roche Rousse, at the entrance of lake Serre-Ponçon.

Whitewater sports, from rafting to hydrospeed give a real access into the aquatic world. Sun, adrenaline, adventure and laughter: Throw yourself into the water!

The Ubaye is a river in nivo-pluvial system, that is to say its rate depends on winter snow in the spring, and rainfall during the summer, it is flooded in the spring, bringing the level to around 50 m³/sec, then stabilizes and descends gradually to reach about 13³/sec in late summer. Natural and authentic, it has no dam affecting its flow, giving it the status of a mythical and indomitable river.

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