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Vue sur le Lago Bes, depuis le col du Longet


800 km of waymarked and maintained trails, a hundred summits are open to you.

Now is the time to appreciate nature and its inhabitants, to admire the understated lakes or the raging torrents. Head out a with local nature guide or an Alpine mountain guide to discover the secrets of our valley, some unknown sites or legendary animals…

The local guides will be delighted to share their passion for the mountains : half-day hikes or trips of several days. Head out and discover the unspoilt countryside, observe the animals, a torrent, a flower, conquer a summit or gaze at the stars…

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Le lac des Sagnes à Jausiers
Le Lac Noir (Le Lauzet Ubaye)
Les Eaux Tortes - Vallon du Laverq - Méolans Revel
Lac de l'Oronaye
Depuis le col du valonnet, Vue sur le Brec du Chambeyron 3389m (Saint Paul - Haute Ubaye)

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Mercantour national Park

The magic of the Alps

With peaks reaching over 3000 m, many glacial lakes, and six valleys, each with its unique character, Mercantour National Park is a jewel of preserved nature, just one hour away from the sea.

A complex mix of climatic influences contributes to the uniqueness and variety of landscapes, natural environments, and the Park’s flora and fauna. The Mercantour is the last promontory of the Alpine range, just before it descends toward the Mediterranean Sea.

Useful phone numbers:

Jausiers PGHM (mountain serach & rescue): +33 (0)4 92 81 07 60
Emergency telephone number: 112

Lac de l'Oronaye (Haute Ubaye) Lac de l'Oronaye

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