• Fortress of Tournoux

The Fortress of Tournoux

Located on a rocky outcrop

The fortress of Tournoux is composed of several forts spread over 700 meters of unevenness.

It was built in the middle and late nineteenth century to lock the outlet of the Larche Pass.

It consists of :

  • "Pellegrin" esplanade (1290m)
  • The B12 battery (1350m)
  • The fort moyen (1500m)
  • The fort supérieur (1700m)
  • The Caurres battery (1800m)
  • The serre de l'Ault (2000m)

Its construction began in 1843 by the middle and upper forts, completed in 1865, to which was added the battery of Caurres in 1880.

Located on a rocky outcrop at the confluence of the valleys of Ubaye and Ubayette (access to Italy), the buildings of the fort inevitably attract attention by their importance and their almost Tibetan settlement spreading on nearly 700 meters of unevenness.

The upper fort, embedded in the rock, offers a façade whose architectural simplicity is enhanced by the use of Serennes marble. As for the visitor who approaches by the village of Tournoux, it is soon in front of the broad ditches of type Vauban which protect the battery of Caurres.

Continuing higher, he will discover at more than 2000 meters the fort of Serre de l'Aut where the view embraces all the horizon. This position destined him to be one of the links in a chain of optical transmissions linking Briançon to Toulon.

During the Second World War, the fort, backyard, fired 500 guns, its baptism of fire.


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